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About us

Outdoor club Podgorica (or the OCP as shorter, easier and closer to the mentality of people who hate to talk too much, especially if they don't really understand what they have said) is a non-governmental organisation trying, in a surroundings in which the greatest life preoccupation is how not to get up from the bed or armchair, to promote and affirm practicing the outdoor sports, especially within the natural surroundings, which is, now, well, intentionally or unintentionally, set pretty vertically. It was founded in 2005 as a result of a common frustration and dissatisfaction of several different people with the existing organisations and institutions which, except for the endless sipping of coffee and making up endlessly long bureaucratic reasons why something in no case can be done, seem to be invented or made for nothing else, although somewhere in their statutes stands that, probably during the breaks between the above-mentioned activities, they should organise, facilitate and in every other way help the development of various outdoor sports. Having realized that waiting for the things to be started there, we'll probably welcome our grand-grandchildren (who's lucky enough to live that long), we have started the OCP, and considering how much we ourselves don't know, we hate to, we don't want to bother ourselves with it, we suffer from "fjaka" and other Montenegrin illnesses, for now it seems to us that we have even managed to move something from the standstill.

Until now we have realized several projects of equipping the crags for free climbing in Podgorica, through which the Montenegrin capital city has obtained its first (and the only for now) suitable and safe climbing areas for education and training. At Smokovac 30 routes have been equipped for now, we have participated in equipping 30 routes in Kolašin, and instructors from our club have run several sport and traditional climbing courses. All activities so far we have realized without a considerable support, also we are starting this website on our own, and with our own means and (in) competence, hoping that as much as we are able to help others through providing available information on climbing in Montenegro, we will equally learn and find out from those who know more on climbing itself than us and want to come to Montenegro and enjoy that which is the most beautiful in it - mountains and their rocks.



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