Početna Stories Climbing Day (Smokovac, Podgorica)
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Climbing Day (Smokovac, Podgorica)

After a period of winter and the rain, a nicer and sunnier days came which means a lot to all climbers. Organized by Small Alpine Club (MAK) from Podgorica and Sport Climbing Club 'Podgorica', on Saturday 04/08/2017 we hung out on our climbing site Smokovac (large sector) in Podgorica. We have organized the opening of the climb season through working and climbing. That day, members of the clubs used to clean the approach, climbing routes and to replace some climbing anchors. Many members responded to this action, so on that day there were a lot of work done on annual climbing site maintenance.

We were especially pleased to see on that day our youngest member, young Anđa who came with her parents Ana and Vanja.

170408 smoki 1

For this event we were also invited our friends from the other climbing clubs from Montenegro, so on Saturday we hung out with climbers from club ‘Javorak’ from Niksic who came in really large numbers. We were especially pleased that in addition to climbers from Niksic, at climbing site we saw some guests from Podgorica and Niksic which for the first time on that day they tired sport climbing and their enthusiasm afterwards.

How was the Smokovac on that day, you can see in the video clip of our friend Emil:

170408 smoki 2

170408 smoki 3

170408 smoki 4

This event was also covered by our guests from the media, so the FOS recorded following report:

Once again, we thank friends from ‘Javorak’ who came to support our action and climbing, as well as all others who have been on that day with us on cleaning site and climbing.

Since we can’t hide the excitement for response to this action, we hope that we will soon meet again on climbing sites.

Special thanks we must express to Ranko Pot who has done a phenomenal job of cleaning the approach, as well as Emil Šabotić who put his best effort for the photo and video materials.