Terzin bogaz (Locations)

Terzin_BogazTerzin Bogaz Peak is a very attractive peak whose rock face dominates the Lokvice valley. The peak itself doesn't tower above the surrounding peaks but it made up for this disadvantage with the beauty of rocky formations, smooth slabs, and pinnacles. The crest section of this peak is a craggy ridge which continues to the south, over the Mala Previja saddle, to Pleća in Šljeme, while to the east over the Velika Previja saddle it continues to Međed Peak. The north-east rock face has the shape of the trapezoid. It rises rightwards from the marked trail Lokvice-Velika Previja. The crag has a height of up to 300 m. The north-west rock face is 200m in height. There are some ten ascended routes in the rocks of Terzin Bogaz Peak. The crags are loose. The approch is from Lokvice- half an hour. Lokvice Valley can be reached along the marked trail starting from the shores of Black Lake - about 1hr30min