Crvena greda (Locations)

The rock face of Crvena Greda Peak is already visible from Žabljak and from the access trail to Black Lake. The rocky south and south-east rock face, reddish - yellow in colour, dominates the valley of Mlinski potok (The Watermill Brook). Crvena Greda Peak is situated north-west of Black Lake.
The south-east rock face is situated within the long laid rock which doesn't have obvious peaks. It is 300 to 500 m in height and it is loose. The north-east face has a cut, steep and pyramidal shape of the rock and the height up to 300 m. The south-west face of the crag, on the side facing Donja Ališnica, is the highest, about 500 m. Along its centre the rock is cut with a very noticeable vertical crack-chimney.
Approach to the crag is from the valley of Mlinski potok along which the marked mountain trail Black Lake-Donja and Gornja Ališnica-Planinica runs. At Zminje Lake, which is 7 kms away from Žabljak, one should turn from this trail, and from here, continue further 40 minutes to below the crag.