Početna Where to Climb Boljske grede
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Boljske grede (Locations)

boljske_gredeBoljske Grede belongs to the southernmost part of Mt Durmitor massif and is the largest rock on this mountain. Boljske Grede Peak is rather long mountain ridge starting from the vast Dobri do and continuing to the south, gradually losing its height. The northern areas of the ridge are the highest. The highest point, the Bolj Peak, at an altitude of 2066 masl is situated here. At the point where Dobri do is the lowest and where the valley of the Komarnica River starts, an imposing craggy barrier starts towering above the Komarnica River all the way to its end. The valley of the Komarnica River is the southernmost valley of Mt Durmitor massif situated near the small town of Šavnik. The rock faces are 500 to 700 metres high and those stretch in the length of almost 3.5 kms! Best time for climbing is from late spring to early autumn (September/October). In recent years, the rocks of Boljske Grede Peak have attracted two groups of foreign climbers from Southern Tyrol (Italy) and Carnizia (Austria) who have climbed two first ascents. The rock is of a solid quality and offers immense potentials for climbing first ascents.

Valley of the Komarnica River provides additional opportunities for outdoor activities. In the valley, there is a large number of smaller and larger boulders, therefore in the moments of break you can go bouldering as well. At the beginning of the valley of the Komarnica River there is a famous Nevidio Canyon, one of the rather small, but surely, one among the most beautiful canyons in terms of beauty and enjoyment it offers. With the adequate equipment the canyon can be passed along in few hours. Do not enter it without the diving suits and be careful, because once you enter it there is no way back.

How to Get There.

The River Komarnica Valley is about 110 kms far from Podgorica, over Nikšić to Šavnik. From this small town, further few kilometers towards Žabljak, where after few kilometers one should turn to the Komarnica village. Along the valley, through the village, several kilometers further to the end of the gravel road. From there, through the forest along the path for about 1.5 hrs to Poljana below the highest section of the rock. Camping is possible in the valley.


Bring your tents along. If you want a complete isolation, then the place for you is a large meadow below the highest section of the rock. If you want to socialise a little with the local people, you can also pitch your tents by the last house in the valley, at a very pleasant family - the Đurđić, who have already hosted foreign climbers. Near the house of the Đurđić family, there is a spring with drinkable water.