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Zupci (Locations)

Zupci Peak is a very interestingly shaped ridge consisting of 14 towers with the height ranging from 50 to 150 m. It is situated almost in the heart of Mt Durmitor massif, surrounded by Bandijerna Peak and Minin Bogaz Peak. The usual approach to these peaks is from the southern side over the Sedlo(Saddle) pass. A two hour hike. In 1954 the first traversing of the whole ridge of 14 towers was performed with difficulty grades ranging from I to VI and the route length of 1,100m. In 2005 Zupci Peak was also visited by alpinists from Trieste Paolo Pezzolato and his wife Sara Gojak, who climbed and equipped the first ascent Sokol iz magle(Falcon From the Fog),100 m, 6a+.