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Ljubović - Podgorica

Little crag, in the city centre, has been the first climbing area equipped by the members of the OCP, and at the same time the first climbing area in Podgorica. The crag is located on the northern slope of the Ljubovic hill. On this crag there are four routes, with the height of up to 9 m, and the difficulty grade ranging from III do VII+. Owing to its northern orientation it is pleasant to train here during the summer months.

How to Get There?

The rock is situated on the northern slope of Ljubovic hill, near the City Hotel. From the hotel one should continue along the Crnogorskih serdara boulevard in the direction of the Union Bridge, and 50 m after the hotel car park one should turn left onto the path leading uphill, 1 minute to below the crag


  1. Lijevi, 8 m, VII-
  2. Srednji, 9 m, VII+
  3. Desni, 8 m, VI
  4. Tečajski, 7 m, III ( in the right part of rock, not showed on the pics )