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Obla glava (Locations)

Obla_glavaIt is one of the easily visible peaks, even from the trail from Žabljak towards Black Lake. It is also famous for the fact that at the foot of this peak one of the symbols of Mt Durmitor - Ledena pećina(Ice Cave) is located. It has a very compact and solid north rock face, with the height of about 250 m, which offers safe and nice climbing. The crag can be reached along the marked trail from Black Lake towards Ledena pećina. A 2-3 hour hike. There are four ascended routes: Sjeveroistočni brid(The North-Eastern Rim), 250 m, V/IV/III, Direktni(The Direct Route), 250 m, IV, Sjeverozapadni smjer(The North-Western Route),250m, IV, Jubilarni smjer(The Jubilee Route), 250m, IV.